Saimdang 2017 August 10

Saimdang August 10 2017

SHOW DESCRIPTION: Seo Ji-yoon, a lecturer in art history at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, seems to have everything she wants. She is about to finish her PhD, advised by the renowned professor Min Jung-hak, and get a faculty position in a university. Besides, she has a good family, with supportive husband Jung Min-seok, a wealthy businessman, and mother in law Kim Jung-hae. For her PhD thesis, she was tasked with researching about the painting Geumgangsando by An Gyeon. The painting was recently discovered and about to be displayed as national treasure under the auspices of Min Jung-hak. Ji-yoon, however, seems to doubt the authenticity of the painting. In a conference, a student named Han Sang-hyun challenged her on the same question, and Ji-yoon deflected, citing she needed time to ensure its authenticity.

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